Infrared heater 900 W

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Infrared heater 900 W

Infrared heater made from galvanised sheet steel, powder coated, with 900 W power, protection class IP 20 mains plug / IP 44 fixed connection. It is especially suited for large rooms with high ceilings, such as open-plan offices or halls. It can also be excellently used in construction drying. Our heating plate is enveloped on all sides. The edges are welded and polished, so that a constant movement of photons is ensured inside. The selected materials are coherent and thereby ensure a high yield of radiated heat that is balanced. The panel consists of a steel casing with a special alloy and radiation-intense surface structure. The surface temperature is between 95-110 °C (+/-10%). As a thermal conductor, insulated and bundled lines have been used that are woven into the heat-resistant and non-combustible material.
Art. Nr.:
  • Base colour: White
  • dimensions: 1400 x 600 x 25 mm
  • weight: 17.1 kg
  • voltage: 230 V / 50 HZ
  • protection class: IP 20 mains plug / IP 44 fixed connection
  • heating performance: 900 W +/-10%
  • radiation distance: 3.50 m
  • radiation angle: approx. 170°
  • surface temperature: front 95-110°C +/-10%, back 20-25°C +/-10%
  • overheating protection: 2 PCs
  • surge protection: 1 PC
  • material: steel sheet
color white
Manufacturer tectake
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