Cat Tree Mogli
170 cm, sisal, including 2 stairs and anti-tip protection

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Cat Tree Mogli - 170 cm, sisal cat scratching post

A cat tree is the perfect activity centre for your cat or kitten to play on and enjoy. The numerous scratching posts over different levels will allow your cat to remove old sheaths and sharpen their claws, without causing any damage to your furniture. But a cat tree is much more than just a scratching post. It incorporates numerous other different elements such as elevated platforms that cats can climb onto and jump between. Incorporated toy ramps can be used to play on whilst small houses give your pet somewhere to hide in and take naps. A cat tree will get plenty of use and is ideal in any cat owners home.
Art. Nr.:
  • total: 170 cm height; 50-60 cm depth; through swivelling viewing deck, a variable width of 50–-60 cm
  • base plate: width 49 cm, depth 49 cm  
  • viewing platforms: 29 x 29 cm
  • sisal post diameter: approx. 7-8 cm 
  • door opening: 17 - 20 cm
  • material: sisal
  • weight: 17 kg
color black
Manufacturer tectake
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