Body pillows

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Enjoy a relaxed, restful sleep with a body pillow

For anyone who sleeps predominantly on their side, a suitable side sleeper pillow is essential to provide comfort whilst you sleep. Conventional pillows are less suitable for use as a body pillow as they slip, are too bulky or too loose. Body pillows look quite different to a standard pillow shape, and have been developed especially for side sleepers. A side sleeper pillow is characterised by its specifically designed, elongated shape. The cushion is positioned between the upper and lower leg, providing support and relief for all areas of the body. Head, neck, shoulders, back, pelvis, hips and knees benefit from the anatomically favourable sleeping position. Thanks to a good side sleeper pillow, breathing is relieved, tension is much less common and even disturbing snoring is reduced. A side sleeper pillow is a perfect maternity companion and will help to reduce tension on joints during pregnancy. The side sleeper pillow in the inflatable version is ideal for use at home and on the go. If needed, it is quickly inflated and ready for use. The amount of air is adjustable, so the hardness of the body cushion can be perfectly adapted to your own needs.

There are several options available. The classic side sleeper pillow in the elongated shape is available with a fluffy fleece cover or with a smooth cover. Alternatively, the side sleeper cushion is also available in the shape of a 7. The foldable, inflatable cushion is supplied in a practical storage bag, perfect for travel. There are various colours to choose from. The elongated pillow with the smooth cover is available in the colours pink, grey and blue, the fluffy version in grey and blue. The ergonomically, 7 shaped cushion has a smooth cover and is available in pink or blue. The pillow for side sleepers can be folded compactly and this, combined with its light weight, mean it is a perfect companion when traveling or staying away from your own bed. A healthy and restful sleep is yours when you use a tectake body pillow.