Grooming tables

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Transportable dog grooming table with variable accessories

Regardless of whether you are styling your animal typical of the breed, for fashionable or simply practical purposes: the regular regrowth of your dogs coat can be quite exhausting. The trimming table makes taking care of your pets fur easier in many ways.

The dog grooming tables by tectake are perfect for home and professional groomers alike. Despite the folding tables light weight, it is stable and resilient, so that even larger dog or cat breeds can stand on it. The height-adjustable plate has a non-slip and scratch-resistant surface and a protective aluminium edge. Both are easy to clean and make the trimming table as safe as possible for you and your pet.

After use, the portable grooming table can be folded up in a few simple steps, transported effortlessly and stored in a space-saving way until it's next required. The included arm with noose can be mounted on the trimming table via a variable height screw clamp to optimally secure the animals sitting on it. Depending on the selection, you will receive a grey or white frame, each with a black plate.