Facades, doors & windows

Colour group
  1. beigetransparentbluebrowncolorfulyellowgoldgraygreenpurpleorangepinkredblacksilverwhite
  1. L shape
  2. Rectangle
  3. Square
  4. round
  5. square
  6. stripes
  1. 120 cm
  2. 140 cm
  3. 150 cm
  4. 190 cm
  5. 200 cm
  6. 27 cm
  7. 300 cm
  8. 33 cm
  9. 34 cm
  10. 35 cm
  11. 36 cm
  12. 37 cm
  13. 40 cm
  14. 42 cm
  15. 46 cm
  16. 47 cm
  17. 57 cm
  18. 73 -118 cm
  19. 75 cm
  20. 90 cm
Rosette model
  1. BB
  2. PZ
  3. WC

Protect your home by installing secure windows and doors

The crime statistics are in: the number of domestic break-ins in the UK is still on the rise, with around 170,000 break-ins currently registered each year. To make it harder for burglars to enter your home, the police advise installing suitable windows and doors. It is advisable to install lockable windows, for example, which also work as child safety locks.

But it’s not just burglars that have their eyes on your home: annoying insects like mosquitos and flies are also unwanted guests in our living rooms and kitchens. Our tip: fly screens on windows and doors ensure that these pests stay outside.

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