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A new mailbox - what you need to consider

Despite texts and emails, the good old letter is still alive and kicking. That’s why no homeowner can do without a proper mailbox. There is a wide range of different post boxes in various shapes and sizes. Post boxes made from stainless steel or die-cast aluminium as well as lightweight plastic are especially durable. If you opt for a wooden post box, you should ensure that it is weatherproof. Do you have any newspaper subscriptions? Then add a newspaper tube to your post box.

Installing your post box

A post box should be easy for your postal worker to reach - between 70 and 170 centimetres off the ground is ideal. The Postal Services Act of 2011 states: ‘if the recipient’s business or home address can only be reached with disproportionate difficulty or there are no suitable, accessible facilities for the receipt of letters, the recipient can be excluded from receipt’. Generally, post boxes are installed outside on the wall of the house, ideally under a porch roof. This lets you ensure that your post is protected from water, dirt and unauthorised access. Also it’s recommended that your mailbox includes a secure lock to prevent curious souls from snooping through your mail.

Your right to a standard post box

The measurements of post boxes are regulated by the DIN EN 13724 norm. This is based on a standard C4 letter size, which should easily pass through the slot and not crease inside the box. By the way: many older blocks of flats have older models that are non-compliant. Tenants can exercise their claim to a standard size post box. If this is not provided, a reduction in rent of up to one percent has been deemed reasonable by many court rulings.