Camping beds

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Camping beds: lightweight flexible aluminium

High-quality camping beds are practical sleeping arrangements that can easily be set up whenever you need them - be it camping or fishing or even at home for unexpected guests. Camping beds made from aluminium are especially popular. They are super lightweight and therefore easy to transport. Aluminium camping beds also come with more benefits: they’re resistant to corrosion, light, comfortable, completely safe for human health and have an impressively long service life.

How to set up camping beds

First, fold the camping bed’s legs to the side. The legs are positioned and the camping bed should be placed on a secure, even surface. Erect the stand to completely unfold the bed. Finally, the end bar is pushed through the loop and secured to the frame. Now, you just have to secure the second end bar to the end of the bed - you may need another person to help. Finally, the fabric is secured to the frame with velcro straps.

Camping beds for guests

The couch is taken, the air mattress isn’t blown up and the ground mat is just too uncomfortable: there are many reasons to offer a guest a night on the camping bed. Its length makes a camping bed comfortable even for taller people. Our tip: place a soft mattress on top of the camping bed area to turn your camping bed into a luxurious guest bed. Once your visitor is gone, you can easily fold up the camping bed and store it in its carry bag. It can then disappear into a drawer or cupboard - until you need it again.