Ergonomic chairs

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Ergonomic chairs: statement seating for your office

An ergonomic executive chair is much more than your standard office chair: it’s more comfortable and more inviting and usually covered with high-quality leather or faux leather. Most executive chairs feature extra padding and come in timeless black or brown. As well as executive offices and conference rooms, these wheeled chairs can often be found in home offices. After all, you can opt for the most comfortable model when you’re free to shop for your own.

How to adjust an executive chair to your measurements

It’s not just executives that have to sit down for many hours in a day. To prevent back, shoulder and neck pain, you should opt for an ergonomic executive chair. This can be adjusted to suit your personal shape: you should adjust the height so that your thighs are horizontal all the way to your knees. You should be able to get three or four fingers between the edge of the chair and the back of your knees. You should position the backrest, mostly curved outwards for lumbar support, and the armrests so that your own personal needs are met.

How to spot a high-quality executive chair

The mechanisms in your office chair should be adjustable to your body weight and allow flowing transitions between different sitting positions. The cover material should be robust and easy to clean so you can enjoy your executive chair for many years to come. The front edge of the seat cushion shouldn’t be too hard to avoid pressure on the inside of your knees. At the same time, the padding shouldn’t be too soft. Extra tip: when choosing an executive chair, consider the height of your desk and your preferred working posture.