Gaming chairs

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Gaming chairs for gaming sessions

Passionate computer gamers and eSports champions know how it goes: for a good old gaming session, you don’t just need a console, a slip proof controller and a high-quality headset, but also a comfortable, ergonomic gaming chair. After all, passionate video gamers can spend eight or more hours in front of their computers when fantasy creatures attack, the zombie apocalypse is looming or the cup final crowds are waiting. When it comes to championships and other eSports events, the whole weekend can just disappear...

How to spot a good gaming chair

High-quality gaming chairs are made using top-notch materials such as soft padding, a special textile layer to absorb sweat and an easy-to-clean cover. Especially important is the gaming chair’s stability, as a wobbly chair can really dampen your fun. An ergonomically shaped chair and backrest as well as adjustable armrests ensure a comfortable seating position, optimally adapted to the gamer’s needs. By supporting the lumbar and head, you’ll avoid tension in the neck and back even during long sessions. In short: good gaming chairs offer excellent comfort and let you use special settings to reflect the gamer’s weight and posture.

Attractive design

Another important aspect is, of course, the design: especially if you’re gaming with an active webcam, you’ll want to impress the other players with a smart gaming chair. That’s why the gaming chairs in our online shop are available in a range of attractive colours - from classic black to colourful racing stripes. The investment is worth it: thanks to robust materials and high-quality workmanship, our gaming chairs are especially durable.