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Shoe size
  1. 35-38
  2. 35-39
  3. 37-38
  4. 38-42
  5. 39-41
  6. 39-42
  7. 48
  8. 47
  9. 46
  10. 45
  11. 44
  12. 43
  13. 42
  14. 42-43
  15. 43-46
  16. 44-45
  17. 46-48
  18. 47-50

Shoetrees keep your shoes in shape

To make sure you can enjoy your high quality, professional look shoes for as long as possible, you should always use shoetrees. They help to retain the perfect shape of your favourite shoes by removing leftover moisture. Shoetrees made from untreated cedar wood are especially well suited here. Models made from beech or plastic provide a cheaper alternative.

How to use shoetrees: put the shoetree into your worn shoes immediately after use - first the front, then the heel. Extra tip: you can gently stretch out shoes that are too small using an adjustable shoetree. This prevents painful blisters and rubbing that can be caused by wearing shoes that are too narrow.

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