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Pots and pans for professionals and budding home chefs

A kitchen can’t work without pots and pans. Every kitchen should have at least two small 16 cm pans and two large 20 cm pans. When it comes to smaller pans, it’s best to choose a product with a pourer for sauces and higher sides for vegetables and other side dishes. Large pots are especially suitable for preparing potatoes, pasta and meat. If you enjoy cooking for lots of people, you could add a 5 litre stock pot to this set of pans.

How to spot high-quality pans

High-quality pans are made from taste-neutral, colourfast, acid-resistant and shock-resistant materials, such as ceramic, stainless steel or cast aluminium. They shouldn’t release any hazardous substances into food, shouldn’t have any sharp edges or fine cracks, and should be completely solid. Good-quality pans are well-made and long-lasting, so small parts don’t break off even during intensive use. Easy-to-clean, dishwasher-safe pans are especially practical. But the design also plays a role. Ergonomically designed handles make for safe, effortless use. When choosing a new set of pans, consider your hob. Not all pans are equally suited to electric hobs, ceramic hobs, gas hobs and induction hobs.

Tips for buying pans

Every household needs at least one frying pan. Models made from cast iron or stainless steel are perfect for frying onions or meat, while non-stick pans make it easy to whip up omelettes and pancakes. Ideally, you should have at least two - a large saute pan with high sides and a lid for braising and a small frying pan for snacks like fried eggs. We offer quality large sets which include all the above.