Hand tools

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  4. 1000 pieces
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  6. 16 pc. set incl. polish
  7. 17 pc. set
  8. 17 pc. set incl. polish
  9. 171 pc. set
  10. 18 pc. set
  11. 18 pc. set incl. grinding paste
  12. 19 pc. set
  13. 20 pieces
  14. 200 pieces
  15. 21 pc. set
  16. 23 pc. set
  17. 24 pc. set
  18. 25 pc. set
  19. 26 pc. set
  20. 26 pc. set incl. polish
  21. 27 pc. set incl. grinding paste
  22. 27 pc. set incl. polish
  23. 28 pc. set incl. polish
  24. 29 pc. set incl. polish
  25. 3 pc. set
  26. 30 pc. set
  27. 30 pc. set incl. polish
  28. 300 Pieces
  29. 32 pc. set
  30. 32 pc. set incl. polish
  31. 33 pc. set incl. polish
  32. 34 pc. set
  33. 37 pc. set incl. polish
  34. 40 pc. set
  35. 5 pc. set
  36. 50 pieces
  37. 500 Pieces
  38. 500 pieces
  39. 51 pc. set
  40. 54 pc. set
  41. 58 pc. set incl. polish
  42. 6 pc. set
  43. 60 pc. set incl. polish
  44. 8 pc. set
  45. 86 pc. set
  46. 9 pc. set
  47. 94 pc. set
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The tools every household needs

A hammer to hit nails, a screwdriver to assemble and disassemble furniture and a pipe wrench to tackle dripping sinks: you can find these basics in any tool kit…along with plenty of specialist tools that only select people ever use. No more overflowing toolboxes! Our organised tool cases ensure you have everything you need, with up to 500 piece kits available.

What essentials should have in the household toolbox

To better grip and hold parts while you work, you need a pair of flat pliers with serrated jaws. You can also use these pliers to bend things. With a pair of cutting pliers, you can also either cut wires or pull nails out of the wall. Comb pliers combine pliers and wire cutters so they can be used to strip cables. Any well-stocked toolbox can never be without a saw, a folding ruler, a box wrench, a spirit level, a mains tester and various screwdrivers with phillips and flat heads. A utility knife, or box cutter, and a pencil are also essential. Our tip: when it comes to tools, it’s worth investing in quality. High-quality tools will often last a lifetime.

Finding the right toolbox

Toolboxes come in metal and plastic. Both materials have their benefits: metal is longer-lasting but also heavier. Plastic boxes are lighter and easier to grip, but plasticisers can evaporate over time and the handles may break. What about the tools themselves? You can choose between metal and plastic handles for hammers, screwdrivers and more. Which version you go for depends on you: you should decide for yourself which tool feels better in your hand.

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