Functional training

Colour group
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  1. 10 kg
  2. 12 kg
  3. 12.5 kg
  4. 14 kg
  5. 15 kg
  6. 16 kg
  7. 17.5 kg
  8. 18 kg
  9. 19 kg
  10. 2 kg
  11. 2 x 0.5 kg
  12. 2 x 1.0 kg
  13. 2 x 1.5 kg
  14. 2 x 10 kg
  15. 2 x 10.1 kg
  16. 2 x 12.5 kg
  17. 2 x 14.0 kg
  18. 2 x 15 kg
  19. 2 x 15.4 kg
  20. 2 x 2.0 kg
  21. 2 x 3.0 kg
  22. 2 x 4.0 kg
  23. 2 x 5.0 kg
  24. 2 x 7.5 kg
  25. 2 x 9.0 kg
  26. 20 kg
  27. 22 kg
  28. 22.5 kg
  29. 24 kg
  30. 25 kg
  31. 27.5 kg
  32. 28 kg
  33. 30 kg
  34. 30.75 kg
  35. 4 kg
  36. 5 kg
  37. 6 kg
  38. 7 kg
  39. 7.5 kg
  40. 8 kg
  41. 9 kg

Yoga mat, gym mats, exercise step and Nordic walking poles: Buy high quality fitness equipment online

The selection of different training methods and equipment is greater today than ever before, meaning fitness levels can be improved in a variety of ways. Whether classic fitness training with gym dumbbells, yoga, Nordic walking or intense CrossFit sessions, the possibilities of how to achieve the dream figure are almost limitless. With us you will find the right fitness equipment for your favourite sport and training method.

Indoor fitness is very much in fashion

Those who want to train flexibly and don’t enjoy exercising in crowded gyms can transform their living room thanks to our versatile fitness equipment, thus creating their very own, private fitness studio. The absolute basic equipment includes a good floor mat. The floor protection mat serves as a base for training equipment such as the stepper or even as a training mat for exercises such as sit ups and press ups. The big advantage: floor mats not only protect sensitive floors, but also dampen sound and vibration from training with heavy dumbbells.

Well equipped for CrossFit and yoga session

You want to let the sweat flow, feel the burn and break your personal limits with every workout? Then CrossFit is for you. With high-quality CrossFit equipment by tectake such as a weight vest and kettlebell, you’ll be able to create intense workouts. If you want to take it at a different pace, swap the weight vest and kettlebell for a quality yoga mat and practice various poses to strengthen your core and balance.

Recovery for body and mind

After a hard workout, your muscles deserve a rest. Ideal for massaging and stretching sore muscles is a foam roller, perfect for fascia training. The foam roller serves to promote the local circulation and loosens bonded fascia and is therefore perfect for regeneration. Alternatively, grab a pair of Nordic walking poles and enjoy relaxed laps in the open air.

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