Frequently Asked Questions

🛒 Orders & Products

How do I place an order in the tectake online shop?

Browse our online shop and select your chosen article. Click on the “add to cart” button on the product page. If you now want to complete your order, click on “checkout”. If you’d like to add more products to your order, you can simply carry on browsing through the online shop and view your cart at any time by clicking on the cart symbol. Here, you can enter your billing address and preferred payment method as well as review your order. To complete your order, simply click on “buy now”.


How do I know if my order has been received?

Once you’ve placed your order, you’ll receive a message with all the information about your order to the email address you provided.


How can I get a receipt for my order?

The receipt will be sent to you by email on the evening after your order has been dispatched. 


Is there a minimum order value?

No, the tectake online shop does not have a minimum order value. 


Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order without providing a reason as long as it hasn’t yet been dispatched. You can do so by contacting our customer service team.   


What can I do if my delivery is incomplete?

This shouldn’t happen. If it does, we’re sorry. We will send you the missing item. Please contact our customer customer service team. If your order contains multiple packages, please wait 1-2 days. The items will have been sent together but the delivery agent may have separated them.


Where can I find assembly instructions?

A set of assembly instructions is included with the product. You can also find instructional videos for many of our products on YouTube.


How can I check product availability?

All available products are listed in the tectake online shop. If a product is currently not available, the item is marked accordingly and you have the option of being informed when the item is back in stock.


Can prices change after I place my order?

The prices applicable at the time of your order are the prices relevant to you. Any changes to prices afterwards will not affect your order.


💰 Payment Methods

Which payment methods are available in the tectake online shop?

In the tectake online shop, you can pay by credit card (MasterCard & Visa), PayPal, Klarna & bank transfer. Simply choose the option that is easiest and safest for you.


How does PayPal payment work?

When paying by PayPal, you will be forwarded to to complete your payment there. You will then be directed back to the order overview page in our shop.


How does bank transfer payment work?

You transfer the full amount for your order to our bank account. Our bank details are provided by email once your order has been received. Your order will be dispatched once we receive your payment.


🚚 Shipping & Delivery

How much does shipping cost? How long will delivery take?

You’ll find an overview of delivery costs and times here.


Can I track the status of my delivery?

Yes. As soon as your order has been dispatched, you’ll receive an email with information about tracking your delivery.


🔄 Withdrawal & Returns

I don’t like an item I ordered. How can I withdraw my purchase?

Find out everything about your right to withdraw here.


How can I return an item?

If you’d like to return an item, please send it back to us with sufficient postage. Please provide a copy of the invoice and a note stating that you’d like to return an item.


Wenn Du Deinen Artikel stornieren möchtest, sende uns diesen bitte frankiert zu. Lege bitte eine Rechnungskopie in das Paket und vermerke, dass Du stornieren möchtest. Die Rücksendung geht an folgende Adresse:

TecTake Ltd
18 Soho Square
W1D 3QL London

Are returns free?

You can find an overview of our returns costs here.


Wenn du deine Bestellung zurückschicken möchtest, übernimmst du die Kosten für den Rückversand. Die Höhe der Kosten für den Rückversand sind davon abhängig wie groß oder schwer das Paket ist. Mehr Informationen findest du in unserer Regelung zu den Rücksendekosten. Schicke dein Paket bitte an folgende Adresse zurück:

TecTake Ltd
18 Soho Square
W1D 3QL London

🔧 Guarantee & Replacement Parts

How long does the guarantee last?

You have statutory guarantee rights for 2 years. Find out more here.


What can I do if I receive a faulty or damaged item?

This shouldn’t happen. If it does, we’re very sorry. Please contact our customer service team so we can deal with the fault.


My order is incomplete. How can I get hold of the missing parts?

In this case, please write us an email explaining what’s missing. We will then send you the parts right away.


📧 User Account & Newsletter

What are the benefits of a user account?

The tectake customer account gives you a good overview of your activities on You can manage your orders and wishlist as well as edit and review your personal data.


How do I register on

You can create your own customer account on in just a few steps by clicking on the following link.


What can I do if I’ve forgotten my password?

No problem. Go to “my account” -> “my user account” and click on “forgotten password” on the right to reset your password.


How can I change my details?

You can manage your data in your user account. Here, you can change your address, newsletter subscriptions or email address in just a few clicks.


What are the benefits of the tectake newsletter?

The tectake newsletter makes sure you’re always up to date on new products and savings in our online shop. You’ll also regularly receive voucher codes in the newsletters.


How do I unsubscribe from the tectake newsletter?

There is a link at the end of the newsletter to let you easily unsubscribe from the newsletter.


💸 Discount Code

How do I redeem a discount code?

Enter your personal discount code into the relevant field during the checkout process and click on “Apply Coupon”. You can see your discount right away.


Can I use more than one discount code on one order?

No, you can only use one discount code on each order. But you can use your other discount code on your next order.


Why isn’t my discount code being accepted?

This can happen if your discount code has expired or your cart hasn’t reached the required minimum order value.


✅ Quality Seals

What does the Trustpilot seal mean?

The Trustpilot seal is a sign of quality for online shops. Shops that fulfil the quality standards in terms of service, data protection, payment and delivery are allowed to use the seal on their websites. We place great importance on fulfilling these criteria so we can offer you the best possible service.


💻 Website & Data Protection>

Welche Browsereinstellung ist für den tectake-Onlineshop erforderlich?

As long as you have the latest version of your browser, you can surf the tectake website without any problems.


Werden meine Daten sicher übertragen?

Yes, it is. You can find out about all the measures we’ve taken in our list of security measures.


Werden Cookies auf der Website verwendet?

Yes, we use cookies in order to offer you useful features. You can decide whether to allow cookies or not. If you choose not to accept cookies from the website, it may be possible that you cannot use all the features of our website and some of our services. We hope you understand. Find out more here.


What can I do if my question hasn’t been answered above?

Please contact our customer service team directly so we can answer your questions.