Beach chairs

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A beach chair will bring a touch of coastal flair to your home

Take a seat, close your eyes. Listen to the sound of the waves, the cries of the gulls, the whistling of the, you’re not on the Baltic Coast! You’re at home in your garden in your gorgeous beach chair. This special piece of furniture is made up of a wicker wooden frame, a sunshade and pull-out footrest, and symbolises the atmosphere of the coast.

The history of the beach chair

The beach chair as we know it today was invented in 1882 by Rostock-born court weaver Wilhelm Bartelmann. The popular chair hasn’t changed much since 1910: it is generally a two-seater loveseat made from pine or spruce with a wicker shade. The seats are covered with treated canvas or PVC. Beach chairs have been protecting beach-goers and paddlers from wind, sun, rain and sand for over 100 years. And they just keep getting more popular. No wonder the beach chair isn’t just seen in British beach towns, but also private gardens.

What to keep in mind when buying a beach chair

To make sure your beach chair can reliably keep wind and rain out, it should have a robust wicker section. The material used should be stable and UV-resistant. When it comes to the fabric covers, just choose something you like. From nautical stripes to romantic floral prints - anything is possible. But do ensure that the cushion covers for your beach chair are removable and washable so the cushions stay soft and comfortable.