Shower drains

Colour group
  1. beigetransparentbluebrowncolorfulyellowgoldgraygreenpurpleorangepinkredblacksilverwhite
  1. 10 m
  2. 100 cm
  3. 110 cm
  4. 116 cm
  5. 120 cm
  6. 135 cm
  7. 140 cm
  8. 148 cm
  9. 15 m
  10. 150 cm
  11. 158 cm
  12. 190 cm
  13. 20 m
  14. 22.5 m
  15. 30 m
  16. 300 cm
  17. 35 m
  18. 54 cm
  19. 60 cm
  20. 7.5 m
  21. 70 cm
  22. 70 m
  23. 72 cm
  24. 74 cm
  25. 80 cm
  26. 90 cm
  27. 92 cm
  28. 94 cm

Sophisticated shower drains for easy showering

Walk-in showers are bang on trend. And not just because they are more practical, convenient and disability-friendly. Younger people are starting to opt for accessible showers as they’re simply more stylish than standard shower cubicles.

A design highlight for your bathroom

In walk-in showers, the water doesn’t run down a plug hole, but a narrow channel. Of course, this requires a subtle decline towards the drain. This is always made up of a channel, siphon, seal and cover. You can find long shower channels as well as angled shower elements for installation in corners. Both variants can be covered with a design grill or smart tiles, which makes them quick and easy to clean. The right cover or channel will make your shower a real design highlight in your bathroom, and utilising our filter freshener technology, it’ll keep your shower smelling fresh.

Benefits of a walk-in shower with shower channel

If you opt for a built-in walk-in shower with a shower channel, you won’t be bound to a traditional shower cabin so you can decide the exact size of your shower. Thanks to the integrated technology, the water from the shower is reliably drained away, so you don’t need to worry about your bathroom flooding. If you’re building a new house or renovating a bathroom, building a walk-in shower with a shower channel could be considered for a range of reasons: by doing away with a shower cubicle, the shower becomes disability-friendly, so you can easily use it as you get older. By designing a generously sized shower, you can even include space for a shower seat so you can shower while seated comfortably.

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