Rabbit hutch / chicken coop Isabella 198x75x102cm

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This large chicken coop with two levels from tectake is extremely useful and functional and can also be used as a rabbit hutch. Small animals such as rabbits and chickens as well as guinea pigs or chinchillas feel right at home here. In addition to the comfortable, protected hutch and nest box areas, there is also a free ranging run area. The run is also completely covered to ensure your rabbit or hen is well protected from predators. The raised hutch area can be accessed via a ramp which is well sloped to ensure animals of all ages can reach the nesting area. The hutch can be divided by a partition board, making this enclosure perfect for keeping more than one animal, whilst still providing them with their own space.The upper hutch area also has a pull-out base in order to enable easy cleaning. The free range, run zone does not feature a floor meaning your small pet can happily graze within the cage in comfort. Several doors allow easy access to your pet at all times.This large, multipurpose rabbit hutch come chicken coop by tectake is ideal for keeping your small pets comfortable and safe.
  • rabbit hutch / chicken coop with nest box, run and various relaxation areas
  • suitable for several types of small animals, such as rabbits, chickens, guinea pigs etc.
  • offers protection against foxes and birds of prey
  • pull-out base with zinc insert in the upper area facilitates cleaning
  • the open floor allows for free grazing on lawns
  • easy access through multiple doors
  • the hut can be locked from the outside using a bolt
  • the hut and nest's roof elements are hinged
  • waterproof roof with bituminous coating
  • ideal to keep animals outdoors
  • good stability
  • total dimensions (LxWxH): 198 x 75 x 102 cm
  • footprint enclosure (LxW): 145 x 61 cm
  • house (LxWxH): 68 x 65 x 65 cm
  • nest box (LxWxH): 65 x 41 x 44 cm
  • outer door (WxH): 25 x 45 cm
  • inner door (WxH): 26 x 39 cm
  • grid: chicken wire 1.5 x 1.5 cm mesh
  • weight: 28 kg
  • material: solid natural pinewood nut and spring, roof with bitumen cover, steel wire, metal fittings, zinc deposits, steel lock
More Information
SKU 403228
color brown
Manufacturer tectake
EAN 4061173042002
  • 1 rabbit hutch / chicken coop assembly set
  • illustrated assembly instructions